Product Designer

Meet Tara Jo

A boot scootin' product designer who's real into making stuff easy for your mom to use. 

Live from the stage/my workspace

You had me at lego's

Childhood dreams of becoming an architect while neck deep in lego's led me down the path to my career in User Experience Design. It was the process of planning, building and experiencing a thing that I loved so much when building my lego castles. How does someone get to the front door? What happens when they open it? Where do they go from there? What are they there to do? How do they feel?

Sounds familiar to the same problems we try to solve when creating amazing products, right?

You see, it's designing the first experience and all the experiences after that really get me excited. It's how you engage new users, keep users coming back for more, and save your company dollars by letting your satisfied users market for you. We're all in this together. ;) Let me help.